Courses offered

In the ETSI of Telecommunications, we use ECTS credits system.

You can check the contents of the degrees lectured in ETSI of Telecommunications in the following links. Click on every course to check its contents.

You can also check the Spanish grading system here.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The valid teaching semesters are those specified in this document.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Double Degree students can only take courses for their master’s. No courses of other master’s can be taken.
  • Bachelor level students can only take courses from the Master level if they are approved by MSc Directors. It is compulsory to upload a CV and ToR.
  • Students from Master’s level can take courses from Master’s and Bachelor’s level. IMPORTANT: If you want to keep studying for a Master’s in UPV, those courses you did here at a Bachelor’s level will not be recognized.
  • Students can only get a UPV degree if they are a non-exchange student or exchange students who accomplish the special double-degree study plan.
  • If a student wants to take courses only in semester A for the: 1st-year MUIT, MUTSRC, or MUISE. They will have to take into account that the examination period takes place in February and probably they will have no accommodation for such a short period. We recommend them to stay the whole academic year.